This is going to be difficult for me but I think I'm up to the challenge. Understand, I am a wise woman of strong opinions. :-) After all, when I'm right, I'm right, right? ;-) So many people seem to be in a quandary as to voting this year.  Personally, I've just about tuned out the entire horse race.  Yet within me is the conviction that vote I must. My forefathers, brave men like John Hancock and George Washington and James Madison risked swinging from a gallows so that I might have the privilege. ...


Red Star Rising

Red Star Rising

Pacific Press • 2006

How long could she live in two worlds? Which road would she follow? How long before she would have to choose?

On stage, Shao Zhao Yang was a famous opera star, basking in the adoration of fans and entertainment critics. Her life was one of luxury and fame reserved for only a select few in China.

This was her world--and she loved it! But offstage, she couldn't forget that she was the youngest daughter of Seventh-day Adventist Christian parents. She couldn't forget seeing her grandfather dragged from his bed and denounced by an angry mob because he was an Adventist minister. She couldn't forget the beatings her father endured, the persecution of her family by the Red Guard, the violence, the fear. She couldn't forget the day she and one of her sisters left their mother and another sister behind to accompany their physician father who was being driven into the mountains of southern China to live and work as a common laborer.

As a famous figure, Shao Zhao Yang enjoyed a privileged life. But in her heart she was discontented and filled with guilt. She may have lost sight of the God of her child-hood, but He had not lost sight of her. Gradually, inexorably, events would bring her to a point of decision.

Follow the gripping twists and turns of this faith-building story as God leads one of His daughters into a life far more satisfying than anything the spotlight of the opera stage could offer.