Best Fish Fry Ever

Growing up in Troy, New York had many perks: ice skating on Knickerbocker Junior High’s flooded soccer field; playing hide and seek in the street after dark while our parents sat on their front stoops waiting for the day’s temperatures to drop so we could go inside and attempt to sleep; attending Patty, my BFF’s  church on Palm Sunday (Our parents had an exchange agreement on visiting one another’s churches.)  and returning home with a palm branch which I would place above my bedroom mirror until it crumbled into ashes;  stomping out ‘houses’ in the tall grassy field behind our home to name a few.  But one all-time favorite memory happened every Friday evening when my dad would bring home a special supper–haddock fish fries for the family.  I’m not a fish affection-ado under most circumstances, but what I’d give for one of those fish fries today.  Perhaps time and distance has enhanced the flavor.

Did Peter languishing in that Roman prison or John isolated on the Isle of Patmos recall the crispy taste of fresh caught fish cooked over an open fire along the shore of Galilee?  Could these two men smell the tantalizing camp fire aromas wafting toward them as they climbed out of their boat early one morning and hauled in their miracle catch?

To think the risen Lord left His heavenly coronation celebration to fix breakfast for His eleven BFF’s fills me with awe. As He glanced about the circle of ravenous disciples chowing down on the morning catch, did a tear slip down His cheek for the missing disciple–Judas?   Did He sigh as He gazed into the future of each of His laughing celebrating guests?

The story is told of a woman who complained to her pastor that someone had brought tuna salad to the church potluck.  The pastor answered as gently as possible.  “Remember sister, Jesus ate fish even after His resurrection.”  The woman stiffened her spine and sniffed, “He was only living up to the light He knew!”

Jesus the Light of the World?  The Source of all wisdom and knowledge, the Creator of the Universe had limited “light”?   Perhaps the fish on the morning’s menu wasn’t the issue and love was.  Perhaps His diet of love is the same issue today.

Whether I regularly eat fish or not; whether I call myself a vegan, a vegetarian, a carnivore, a non-gluten-eater or a lover of raw foods, I know I would have savored the flavor of the King’s speciality–fried fish and a chunk of bread.  In John 21:12 MSG, a loving Jesus called His friends to eat. “Breakfast is ready.”  He still calls you and me to dine at His table of love.





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