Forget Your Password?

Forget your password?  What do you think?  Of course I forgot a list of letters and numbers that make no sense whatsoever to me.  I hate passwords.  I hate being locked out from a place I wish to go. I know they are necessary in this world of crooks, hackers and such, but I don’t like them!  Computer experts warn not to use your date of birth, or your parents’ names, or your dogs, cats, or birthplace, etc. as a password.  “Iforgot” might be clever but not fool proof. Some use 1234567 or abcdefg.  My hubby has intricate ways of choosing passwords–none of which stick in my tech-less brain.

I have an ‘aura” when it comes to computers.  The machine senses trouble whenever I enter the room.  And passwords just intensify that electrical energy between us.  To clog up my life, my computer plays dirty tricks on me.  The machine’s favorite is asking me for my password.  Which password? Because I won’t remember, the machines gets a reprieve until my hubby takes over the keys and the world of computerdom is righted again.

I’ve always said I long for the day when locked doors, keys and passwords will not be needed to open the Pearly Gates of Heaven.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered God has a password too.  Psalm 100:4 Message paraphrase.  ” Enter with the password thank you.”  Make yourself at home, talking praise.”  Yes, even Heaven requires  the use of a password–“Thank you.” This is one password I can never forget if I practice it daily.

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