Reindeer on the roof?

Twice during our 52 years of marriage we’ve encountered scary moments. The first was a shootout at the Days Creek store on the first day of our first school year at Milo. As bullets flew we huddled in the store room behind cartons of condiments and dried beans.
Tonight was the second: Around 11pm I was watching tv and Richard was in bed for the night when we heard a startling bang outside our living room window, followed by a hoard of police cars with sirens blazing and light pulsating encircled out house.
A car thief kicked down our security gate and dashed into our gated courtyard with the policemen in hot pursuit. After being certain our doors were locked, I turned out the lights and drew our shades.The guy hid on our roof for at least a half an hour while the police searched our tiny back and side yard. Then, as the police reconvened out front, we heard someone run across our roof. Richard called 911 and praise God, they caught the guy who’d tried to pull a Hollywood stunt leaping from our roof to the neighbors. The police took the injured man to the hospital and our usually quiet little neighborhood returned to “Silent Night”once more.
The irony of these two situations is Richard grew up in Brooklyn, NY and he’d never, in all his years, witnessed such hi-drama before. So much for sleeping right away. smile emoticon Merry eve-eve (or Adam) Christmas.
Gil, one of our neighborhood “angels” called to be certain we were OK. Ps.91:10 “And He will give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.”

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