Memories of Christmas’ Past

Remember the Christmas you received that big present you had to unwrap and unwrap and unwrap until you reached a very tiny but valuable present?  For me it was my first ‘grownup’ watch.  Remember the hot cup of cocoa waiting for you back at the church after a night of caroling on the frigid, slippery streets of your town?  Remember the glisten in your younger daughter’s eyes as you retold the Christmas story under the tree?  Remember the first time you heard your 13 month old child lisping “Angels We Have Heard on High” as she sang herself to sleep?  Remember?

Remember the Christmas Eve when you and your siblings had a tangerine skin fight after your folks went to bed? Remember the year you got a toy train or your first bike, or a ‘magic’ skin doll?  Remember the first Christmas celebrated in your own home instead of in your parent’s home–scrawny tree and all?  Remember the last Christmas you celebrated in your parents’ home– scrawny tree and all?  Remember?  Remember?

The King James Version of the Bible uses the word ‘remember’ 148 times.  Perhaps that is why it’s important to remember and to treasure family traditions and times together.  More priceless than crystal baubles designed by Tiffany are the  irreplaceable memories to be passed unto the third and the fourth generation.  Make as may happy holiday memories while you can.

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