Custom-designed Crosses -2

“Some people create their own storms and then get upset when it rains.”  I used the example of obesity to illustrate my point of customized crosses because so many folk can relate, not because being fat in a health-obsessed society is the ‘heaviest cross’ to bear. Heavy?  Yes.  Unbearable, no.  In my opinion, being bed ridden, losing a child or spouse through death or divorce, having your missionary husband imprisoned in Iran, and enduring the pain of advanced cancer are a few genuinely heavier crosses to bear than the inconvenience of obesity. But my purpose for writing this blog is not to analyze the weight of one’s crosses, whether or not a cross is self-inflicted or due to a genetic bodily malfunction; a freak accident or the result of  living in a world of sin. To our Savior, a cross is a cross is a cross.  He comforts and walks with us regardless if we’re struggling with emphysema or a birth defect.

A cartoon on facebook struck me in the heart.  It was of a stick man struggling to carry a cross.  Every little bit he cried out to God to lighten his load, causing the cross to get shorter.  A little further on, he asks God to lighten his cross a little more; the cross grew shorter.  The last frame shows him carrying a much shorter cross as he approached a wide chasm.  Other stick men lay their crosses across the abyss and traverse to the other side but, at this point his cross is too short.  The line that popped into my brain and refuses to leave is, “Whatever it takes, Lord.  Whatever it takes!”

If my cross is custom designed by my bad choices or merely a fact of life, makes no difference.  My prayers have shifted away from focusing of me, my cross and my inconvenience to “Thy will; Thy way, whatever it takes.”

I know I can trust God not to give me more than I can bear.  I might bend a little from the weigh, but He won’t let me break.  He promises to give me the strength not only to endure the personal discomfort of my cross but  the privilege of sharing in the cross of Jesus on this earth and celebrating in the Savior’s cross in glory. “Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again, rejoice.” Philippines 4:4 NIV.

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  1. Gerry Mark says:

    I think your verse should be Philippians instead of Philippines. =)

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