A Life Saving Non-Slip

A life-saving slip or was it?  We were driving on the wet Interstate.  But it  that made the difference between life and death.  At the end of a fun weekend in Brooklyn with Grandpa and Grandma Rizzo, we prayed for God’s protection, kissed our family farewell.  Our girls, Rhonda and Kelli, ages 3 and 5 settled down in the back cubby hole of our gutsy, little, beige Carmen Gia for the 2 hour drive home to our mountain cabin perched on the edge of Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain.  Before we crossed the Varazano-Narrows  bridge heading out of the city, the girls were already fast asleep.  It had begun to sprinkle.  The soothing swish of the wipers supplied a backdrop to Richard and my companionable conversation.

Half way across New Jersey the drizzle had intensified to a deluge.  We struggled to keep the inside of the windows free from fog.  Outside the heavy torrent pelting the car plus the back splash of other passing vehicles made our little vehicle nearly invisible. Fortunately the traffic on the Interstate was Sunday afternoon light.  Before long, driving at speeds of less than half the limit became necessary.  Both of us scanned the roadway for possible slower moving vehicles. Richard switched our Gia into the left lane to give us more maneuverability.

I glanced over my seat into the car’s tiny boot and breathed a sigh of relief.  Both girls were sound asleep.  As I turned back around to face the road ahead, our car suddenly broke all known laws of physics. First we were in the left lane and without any wheel adjustment, swerve, or sense of sideways movement our little Gia was squarely in the right lane and a massive big rig in the left lane sped by full throttle, as if it were a clear, sunny day. The highway splatter had made our beige Gia totally invisible to the trucker.  First we were in the left lane and then in the right with no sense of movement.  We were going too slowly to hydro-plane.  If our car hadn’t miraculously changed lanes it would have been squashed like a June bug on a summer night.

Stunned, Richard and I stared first at the road and then at one another.  “Did you feel that?” my startled Physic’s professor gasped.  “No!  I didn’t feel anything.”  “Me either!”  Didn’t you turn the wheel?”  “No!”  Did the car skid?”  “No. There was no sideward movement at all!  That’s a physical impossibility!”  he declared.  With all his scientific knowledge, to this day Richard cannot explain what happened that rainy day but God’s Word makes it mighty clear.  Psalm 91 11 KJV says, “For He will give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.”

God is a God of miracles.  I believe He performs unexplained miracles, not so we can treasure them close to our hearts, but so we can share His goodness with others thus increasing their faith.  Do you have a miracle to share? Please let me know either here on the web site or on my face book page.  Would love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to A Life Saving Non-Slip

  1. Sylvia Garey says:

    We were going to ingather (collect money for the poor & needy) with a carload from the Park SDA church in Salisbury, Maryland in about 1992. We were backing up on a dead end street. The back wheels of the truck dropped off the pavement into muddy ground. Five of us (Me, daughters Janell & Jenae, Nelda Brennigar and her son Dennis) Gave it our best shot to lift the truck (with our all our might) back on to the pavement. We could not make it happen. We were quite close to the road that goes to Ocean City, MD. A car stopped and a man came over to us and offered to help. We were thankful and the next attempt went effortlessly on our part – the truck was back on the road. I wished him a Merry Christmas. He turned, looked me in the eye, then went back to his car and on his way without saying a word. Some angels sent from heaven we do get to see.

  2. Traci Knott says:

    That is an awesome story Kay of how He sends His angels to keep us in all our ways! I can’t wait to hear the stories from our guardian angels about the times they kept us out of harms way. Bless you!

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