Hearing Voices

One indication of emotional disorder is hearing voices, or so I understand.  Well, guess what. I hear voices, not on a regular basis but every now and then as needed.  Most of the time the voice I hear is my own saying, “I told you so;” or one of my English teacher’s voices saying, “I before e except after c; or my mother’s voice, “Didn’t I teach you better?”  These aren’t the voices about which I write today.

I went to a specialist regarding possible surgery and he told me, “Kay, I wouldn’t dare to operate on you.  I’m afraid you wouldn’t make it through the surgery.”  Stunned I staggered to my car, drove to Subway where I’d arranged to meet Richard for lunch, parked the car, turned off the engine.  For some time I clutched the steering wheel and wept, not a wailing, sobbing cry but soundless tears streaming down my cheeks.  Is it over, I wondered.  Am I on the brink of eternity?  The parking lot was empty except for my lone Honda. Suddenly I heard Someone with a deep baritone voice emphatically call my name.  “Kay!”  He said.  Thinking a stranger was standing beside the car, I looked up and all around.  No one was there. But He was loud enough that He could have been sitting in the seat next to me.   “Kay!” He continued,  “It ain’t over ’till I say it’s over!” –with an emphasis on the I.

The words rang in my ear.  Slowly reality seeped into my brain.  Instinctively I knew Who’d spoken to me.  For some reason, my God, perhaps through the power of the Holy Sprit, perhaps on His very own or through the vocal chords of Gabriel, took the time out of operating the Universe and speaking life into creatures of a new and exciting planet, to comfort me.  What a message of hope and promise.

Being a former English teacher I chuckled upon hearing the word ‘ain’t’.  My chuckle turned to giggles which grew into laughter–snorting, choking, riotous gales of laughter.  AsI caught my breath, an unexplainable joy and peace washed over me.

When Richard arrived, I laughingly told him about the Voice and the use of the word ‘ain’t,  Is reply was, “If anyone can use the word ain’t, I suppose the King of the Universe certainly can if He wants to.”

I will never forget hearing, “Kay!  It ain’t over ’till I say it’s over!”  When I think of Psalm 90:12 KJV, “Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom,” I am so glad my heavenly Father is in charge of my days, and that all I have to do is apply my heart unto wisdom.  And that task will surely keep me busy for as long as He sees fit.


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2 Responses to Hearing Voices

  1. Skip Johnson says:

    Kay, I’ve heard voices like what you describe here on occasion over the years, too. If the Voice came all the time, or didn’t make perfectly good sense in the situation in which I found myself at the time, maybe I’d give the “I’m crazy” explanation a go.

    The Voice is saner than sane, however, and has on numerous occasions proven most helpful. So I listen when it speaks, and I listen and believe when other people tell me of them hearing it, too.

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