I’ve crossed the line!

Remember playing Red Rover as a child, where two teams each draw a line in the dirt and take turns calling members of the opposing team over to cross the line?  The object was to capture each of the other team members and put them in ‘jail’ until the last child is caught.

I’m not sure how or when it happened, but I’ve definitely crossed that Red Rover line from which there seems to be no means of escape.  I’ve crossed that undetectable line where strangers call me Miss Kay instead of Mrs. Rizzo; where book editors add the word ‘beloved’ to my bio; where I am no longer carded at restaurants to prove I qualify for their senior menu; where polite young men hold the door for me; where people under age forty walk past as if I am invisible or in the very least, inconsequential to their busy lives; where people over the age of sixty smile and greet me as if we’re co-conspirators in the mystery of life.

Oh, yes, I find myself carefully mincing my steps for fear of falling; taking my time on stairs; chatting with strangers I barely would have noticed in years past; and secretly enjoying my free senior citizen soda at Taco Bell.  I like being able to call people sweetie, honey, dear, regardless of their gender, without being misunderstood.  I enjoy wearing comfortable flats instead of stilettos, sans Spanx or panty hose.  And if I forget to ‘put on my face’ before leaving home, it’s OK.  I’ll live and so will the rest of the world.

It’s strange how young I feel inside.  In my dreams, I can still twirl on the front lawn; dance in the moonlight; catch fireflies in my mother’s canning jars; hike to the top of the hill,roll down to the bottom, get up, dust myself off and do it all again–all minus the aches and pains of ‘maturity’.  But alas I am older and wiser, I will never again attempt to ice skate on a frozen pond, or even roller skate.  I don’t plan on hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney any time soon.  As wise old Job quipped, “”Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?  (Job 2:12 NIV)

Another birthday? So what?  If wisdom comes with age, my wrinkles must be wise cracks. (Not original with me.) Irregardless, I’ve crossed the line in life’s game of Red Rover. As a result I choose to revel in the knowledge that I am wiser than I ever was at age 30,40,50, etc.  I vow to laugh louder, sing more joyfully, love more passionately, even dare to smile at strangers.  I will kiss my hubby more frequently; break into water fights without warning, and yes, dance in the moonlight with the love of my life.  I will give thanks for the memories of the activities I once pursued and sing praises for all I can still do, even at my ripe old age of 72.  :-)  I will tackle today’s adventures and anticipate tomorrow’s possibilities with gusto.  And when I pray I will will eagerly ask, “What’s next Papa?” (Romans 7:15 Message)

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  1. betty patten says:

    Amen I know how you are feeling. I love the saying :if you love what you do you will never go to work. I’m 77 and still doing my job. I’m the door checker at a college. I check in about 1200 students a day for breakfast and lunch. plus faculty and staff. the kids are wonderful to deal with. I also remember the game Red Rover. I love the senior discounts and people holding doors for me. sometimes it’s hard to remember my age, I guess because in my head I am not that old. but sometimes the mind is willing but the body is weak. Have a great week and God Bless you and your family

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