PC or CP

There’s been a  lot of ‘talk’ about being or not being PC–Politically Correct. One can say anything to anyone in anyway one wishes, no matter how rude or crude it may be, when called on it,  he blames what he calls the current trend toward political correctness.  It’s called speaking without filters.  Recently one politician said America is losing her edge as a world leader due to too much politically correctness.  Really?  Have good manners and polite decorum gone by the way of bone corsets and saddle shoes?  Is it acceptable for ‘potty mouths’ to bully away all hope of  thoughtful rhetoric and polite dissension in society thus forcing opponents to jump into the sty and wallow in his accuser’s slop?

I hope not. I appreciate simple civility between individuals regardless of their personal opinions.  I still cringe when I hear profanity and crudities, whether in a public elevator or on TV.  “Four-letter’ epithets are mere cliches and a sign of a limited imagination and vocabulary.”  I still like hearing please and thank you.  I admire people who know when to bide their tongues.  And when they do speak actually have something worth hearing.

But beyond the obvious deterioration of good manners and proper upbringing, an important element in the PC debate is that of CP–Christian Politeness. Regardless of how much I enjoy hearing people speak honestly, regardless of my political persuasion, regardless of one’s mood or righteous indignation, if my words hurt or demean anyone, if I cause someone to turn away from my Savior, I have sinned–plain and simple.  A favorite author of mine wrote, “The best witness for my God is a kind and courteous Christian–”  period!

Christian Politeness never goes out of date, never becomes stale or unnecessary in society.  As Psalm 19:14 NIV says,.  “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart [what I listen to] be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

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