On the Road Again

From the time I was a rug rat playing in my dad’s broken down car, I loved to travel, especially road trips.  Richard and my marriage began with a honeymoon road trip from Troy, NY to Loma Linda, CA. along Rt. 66.  Fifty one years later and we still get a kick out of hopping in the car and zipping down the road to places unknown.  Throw in a visit to the ocean and we’re as eager to roll as is our agingVolvo.

This week we threw caution and loose change to the wind and hit the road.  Singing, chatting, reminiscing, it was a beautiful day.  Except for a couple of examples of road rag, we had the makings of an exciting adventure.  I’m sure it’s not a general rule but the three ‘ignoramuses’ we encountered each drove a tricked-out pickup truck where we could see the road ahead of them better under their vehicles than over.  You know the kind where passengers need an air-lift to climb on board.  And all three drivers were under the age of wisdom.   Two felt entitled to pass our car and other vehicles on the right shoulder of a two-lane road, spitting up gravel and clouds of dust.  The third chose to pass on a double yellow line.  Fortunately he safely made it back in line before a semi barreled down on him.  If we had been driving under the speed limit by 5 mph instead of over by the same amount, I could understand their impatience.

I used to get riled up at such stupidity.  But I’m learning a new technique–maybe its a case of wisdom with age.  With all the death and destruction I see on the highways, the mother in me would love to spank them soundly and send them to bed without supper, but since that is not possible, I now pray for the drivers, for their mamas, for any other drivers with whom they might connect, and that they may live to acquire much needed wisdom, patience, and grace. Proverbs 24:14 NIV, “Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it there is  a hope for you, and your future will not be cut off.”

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  1. betty patten says:

    I to pray for people while driving but it’s the little old people walking all bent over or ones with walkers or on oxygen. I know many are younger than me. I’m 77 but they have a harder life then me. so I pray for them and thank God that with His help I’m okay. God is good God bless you and your family Betty

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