Another Star in Another Crown

While my eyes were healing I remembered a very important ‘star’ about which I needed to write.  The problem is I don’t even know their names but God does.  One January when my girls were babies, I drove from Wisconsin where we were living at the time to my parents’ home in New York.  A family wedding and my father’s illness triggered my brave but foolhardy behavior.) Sunny skies accompanied me across the state and into Canada on the return trip.  A few miles outside of Niagara Falls, a bank of threatening clouds settled over us. Huge, heavy snowflakes splattered against my windshield. I glanced at my daughters asleep in the back seat.  It was only mid afternoon.  Should I stop for the night or drive on?  Due to my perpetual shortage of available cash I decided I’d at least drive as far as London, Ontario and then reevaluate my situation.  Within in ten minutes of making that decision the falling snow became a furry, a blinding midwestern blizzard.  I could see nothing, not a house, not a gas station, not a barn.  Grateful to be driving a Saab, I zigzagged my way around and past stalled cars and jackknifed trucks for ten miles and then turned into the large parking lot of a truck stop where my car promptly ‘gave up the ghost’.  It died.

Stuffing a wailing three-year-old under one arm, a diaper bag over one shoulder and a sleeping bag over the other I picked up my sobbing six-month-old baby  and trudged toward a flashing neon sign.  By the time we reached the crowded travel center (everyone else had the same idea) the girls’ tears had frozen on their faces.  The air inside the building from the shoulders up was blue with cigarette smoke. It sounded like a hive of angry bees.  Feeling claustrophobic I headed for the ladies’ room.  The only space free in the restroom was the area under the row of sinks where I spread out the sleeping bag and let the girls play for the next three days!

Finally the storm stopped and the mechanics in the shop began repairing the broken down vehicles.   Unfortunately I was one young mother with two little kids among 30 or 40 irate men, each wanting their automobiles attended to first.  I was running out of clean diapers.  Fortunately Kelli’s meals were homegrown but my older daughter didn’t have that convenience.  I kept her busy eating French fries and such.

This is where the ‘star’ in one’s crown comes in.  Desperate for help I called the SDA church in London, hoping someone would be there midweek.  By chance (if you believe in chances) the pastor answered.  I told him of my plight and he promised to send someone to help me.  A few minutes later the head elder arrived, packed the girls and our retinue of sleeping bags, diaper bags and toys into his car and drove me to his home where his wife had hot soup waiting for us.  After being certain I was adequately fed, she ushered me to her guest room and told me to sleep.  She and her children would take care of my babies.  (I hadn’t slept for two nights.)  In the meantime the head elder assured me he would get the mechanics at the station working on my car.

The next day as snow continued to fall our trusty Saab took us the rest of the way  and stopped dead in the snowbank directly in front of our home in Columbus, Wisconsin.  Matthew 25:35 NIV says, “Come ye blessed of my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…I was a stranger and you took me in…”  So this star’s for you, my Canadian family.  I look forward to thanking you in person one day.

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  1. betty patten says:

    God works in mysterious ways but it is’nt till something like this happens that we realize how wonderful His ways are. God bless

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