Life’s Balancing Act

Did you ever try to balance a straight broom in the palm of your hand?  As a middle schooler I used to be pretty good at it though my mother would make me take it out of the house before I broke something.  I learned the secret to balancing the broom by its handle is in the direction of my gaze.  When I concentrated on the spot where the broom handle touched my hand, I couldn’t do it.  The broom fell every time.  But when I focused my gaze on the bristles, balancing the broom became much easier.

Balancing life’s problems is sort of like that.  Keeping my problems from defeating me is impossible when I concentrate on the point where my trougles touch my hand.  But when I change my focus.  When I take my eyes off my problems and look up to Jesus, the difficulties in my life are so much easier to handle.

Theologian Oswald Chambers wrote, “All fret and worry comes through calculating without God.”  (My Utmost for His Highest) Who wants to calculate without God?  I don’t want to do anything, solve any problem, go anywhere without God. Looking up to Him is the only way I can balance the stress in my life.  How about you?   Lamentations 3:41 NIV, “Let us lift up our hearts and our hands to God in Heaven.”

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