A Star in a Crown

Another Star in a Crown:  I’m not sure of the number this star about which I write, but I am of the day–Mother’s Day; and the recipient, Lois Hardt–a true Mother of Israel, the woman who holds her local family together.   She’s the one you look for and when you enter the church each week, the one you ask about when she’s absent.  Like a Mom in the home, she glues the church together.  She’s the one who adds the “heart” to the community.  The only  Lois mentioned in scripture is Timothy’s grandmother who faithfully raise both her daughter an grandson to love God.  Paul  describes her as being a devout, beloved woman of faith. (II Timothy 1:5)

Lois, you are a godly mother of Israel and a godly grandmother who quietly exemplifies wisdom and faithfulness to those with whom you worship each week.  Like a pleasant perfume, your grace and gentleness permeates the atmosphere surrounding your local church family.  “Many women do noble things but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:29.

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