A Bit about Barbie; a Lot about God

I hope you enjoy this facebook message I received a few days ago.  “Hello, You don’t really know me, but I will never forget you…My friend and I were at a women’s retreat in Sun River…The whole weekend was about praising God no matter our circumstances…On the last day just before you were about to speak [I received a phone call from my mother]…My mom…told me that my entire Barbie collection had been stolen!  I had recently been divorced and had quite a large Barbie doll collection of Barbies stored in my mother’s storage unit… As she was crying on the phone all I could do was say, “Praise the Lord!” She of course did not understand.

“I went back in to the meeting where you were just coming up to the podium. You proceeded to talk about…wait for it…Barbies! You talked about Barbie this and Barbie that!! My friend sitting next to me looked to see how I would take that and, good thing we were in the very back row that day, I just burst out laughing! It was so ridiculously funny… I had just finished taking inventory on them and figuring out their values in order to sell them. Now I didn’t have to sell them. The collection was worth approximately $10,000! And praise the Lord again, they were insured! I initially got $4000 because the insurance agent told me that they depreciate. Praise the Lord again, because I pushed the agent telling him they are a collection and they DO NOT depreciate and with a little more paperwork and an apology from the agent’s boss, I got another $6000! WOW!

“Thank you so much Kay! Your weekend of learning to praise God in all circumstances made a huge difference in how I handled the situation. Later we discovered the thief sold those dolls for way under value…$1000 doll sold for $5! Crazy! Praise the Lord… My friend’s text was, Matthew 6:19-21 NIV “Do not store up for yourself treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourself treasures in heaven…”  A little bit about Barbie and a whole lot about God and His amazing sense of humor.  Don’t you love it when God’s plan comes together to remind us of how much He cares for us?  


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  1. Traci Knott says:

    Thanks for sharing Kay! I remember it well. God allowed that to happen which freed me of that burden. And the money I got from the insurance company paid for a new roof on my house along with some other needs. Praise the Lord!

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