The Prodigal Daughter

“I will become a star!  You wait!  You’ll see!” The determined Brianna ‘Bri’ Austin vowed when she left her father’s home for Hollywood.  But life in the capitol of glitz and glamour wasn’t all  she imagined it would be…   

It was such a thrill to hold and caress, for the first time, my newborn, The Prodigal Daughter.  Like any new ‘mother’ I oohed and cooed at the sight of her; hugged her close to my heart; ran my finger tips across her smooth ‘skin'; inhaled her ‘new baby’ smell; and checked to be sure all her body parts were intact.  (Yes, we, authors can be possessive and just a little wacky about our latest books.)  After spending a few precious moments alone with The Prodigal Daughter, I had to show her off to others; not just because I’m a proud mama (I am), but because my ‘baby girl’ has a unique and poignant message to share.

Jesus said,  “From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise.” Matthew 21:16 NIV.  I believe Bri’s tears can bring songs of praise to the lips of  girls and boys rescued from the scourge of human trafficking.  Also, I pray her true story will be an allegory to thousands of readers who will catch a fresh and invigorating glimpse of the love the Father is eager to lavish on His errant kids.

To get out the news, I am offering a free autographed copy of The Prodigal Daughter to each of the first five fb friends who e-mail me –  

Note: To order The Prodigal Daughter call 1-800-765-6955; or go online to; or at amazon. com.  Don’t miss viewing the book’s trailer on You Tube listed under K. Rizzo – The Prodigal Daughter,  a fun project where Richard’s technical skills shine.


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