Close to My Heart-II

Obesity is a touchy subject.  Unlike the Pillsbury Dough Boy who giggles when poked, ‘fatties’ wither upon insult.  As I wrote yesterday, I’ve survived insults and ridicule as well as a variety of  ‘healthy’ dietary suggestions from the extreme to the ridiculous over the years.  I almost died from a daily dose of 9 milligrams of thyroid medication plus a handful of brightly colored pills and capsules all to lose weight.  (The state revoked the doctor’s medical license soon after.)  Bariatric surgery left me with more health problems and inconveniences than I care to mention.  I’ve even been told I swim too smoothly during my 40 minute/three times a week exercise routine.  I should ‘thrash about more’ to burn off more fat.

In the process I’ve learned weight-gain/weight-loss involves many components: intake of calories, poor diet, personal metabolism, amount of exercise, one’s age, genetics, even medications prescribed by doctors.  Add times of depression and/or stress, and life has assembled a lethal cocktail of defeat.  No excuses, just facts.   (When Oprah regained her weight, I cried. What hope was there for me?) And let’s face it, if I had all the answers I’d be a multimillionaire wearing size 3 skinny-jeans.

Despite my exhausting war on weight, God has used my persistent problem as a ministry to reach those fighting eating disorders of all kinds–big and little.  One frightfully emaciated woman wept in my arms. “I hate going to church.  People there have all kinds of suggestions on how to ‘beef’ me up. Don’t you think I would gain weight if I could? I can’t stand it!”  And then she asked a question I’d asked myself dozens of times before, “How can I ‘love others as I love myself’ if I hate the very sight of me?”

Battle weary I read two of Paul’s admonitions, one in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV and the other in I Timothy 6:8 NIV.  I Thessalonians admonish me to “…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God for your life.”  Give thanks for being fat?  Ya’ gotta’ be kidding.  Give thanks????  Gratitude for my weight would be a the very bottom of my thanksgiving list!  OK, I can do this.  I can set my mind to gritting my teeth and giving thanks for this most hated aspect of my life.

But the second text was not quite as easy for me.  It tells me  to be content with what I have.  (See also Phil.4:11; Hebrews 13:5) Be content???  Tell me, when it comes to weight-loss, what is the difference between ‘being content’ and ‘throwing in the towel’–just giving up?

As you can see, this problem is close to my heart.  Daily, I recite the motto, “In God’s will; in His way and in His time.” What about you?  Got any answers–not weight-loss tips or a bony finger in my face, but ideas on learning how to be content with oneself?  I know I’m not alone in this battle. I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment.  Also feel free to share your horror dietary tales as well.

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7 Responses to Close to My Heart-II

  1. Tami Todd says:

    Thanks Mrs. Rizzo,
    Someone has finally put into words how us “curvaceously blessed” feel most of the time. I have discovered that I like myself more when I am doing something I am good at or enjoy. I also eat less, so there’s that. It’s always bothered me that people can quit smoking because you don’t have to have a cigarette, you can stop drinking because you don’t have to have alcohol, but dieting restricts what you eat and you have to have food. Just something to think about. I just watched my school board chair lady drop 60 lbs this last year and I am going to give it another try as soon as school starts again. It takes a lot of concentration to stay on a diet so I have to have other things going well. In the meantime I am going to love me for who I am and not worry about it. Hang in there, it is almost over!

  2. Marti Miller says:

    I’ve heard the same admonitions, mostly from my parents, who still feel they are doing God’s will by reminding me of the dire consequences of my choices.
    While I appreciate that people care, as you said, no one ever lost weight from constant nagging and badgering… I HAVE reached a point where I’m OK with me. It sounds cliche, but I try to surround myself with positive people and try to be extra cautious and aware of how I come across to others, especially my own children, when I have something to say that COULD be considered hurtful, critical or judgemental. People (sometimes) have no idea their “helpful” advice is cruel and painful. It’s a constant reminder to me to NOT be that person, but instead try and always find the good in others. While I do remember the hurtful comments, the compliments and positives I’ve received about other parts of my life, and talents I DO posess, are what stay with me and what I try to remember the most.
    If that all sounds impossibly upbeat and cheerful, believe me, it’s definitely NOT! But more days than not, I wake up and am happy with who I see in the mirror – and I want very much to make the people I love, live with and come in contact with, feel some of that happiness, contentment and self-acceptance too.
    Love you!!

    • pepsi7 says:

      Oh, honey, I’m right here with you. Thanks for your comments. I’m so glad you’re learning from the hurtful barbs so as to avoid doing the same to others in your life. Isn’t that what’s Christian living is all about? God with God, my dear and don’t let the ‘neggies’ beat you down. For fun check out the sins God most hates in Proverbs 6…Obesity didn’t make the list. :-)

    • Tami Todd says:

      Oh, Marti, I feel ya. Were you at our 20th I think when I directed the choir? That morning as I left my mom’s house feeling excited about our reunion and nervous to direct the choir, dressed in my best “cover-up” suit and looking pretty nice, I thought, my mother came up and grabbed my belly and said, “you need to get rid of this.” All my confidence went right out the window. She is gone now and I try not to think ill of her, but she could sure cut you to the bone with her “helpful advice.” She thought she was helping. Even when I told her how much it hurt, she just said I should be so thin-skinned. So I guess we have all been there. And you are right about surrounding yourself with people who love you for your other very many talents. Hey, from what I remember you were a terrific horseback rider!! Love ya, girl. ;)

      • pepsi7 says:

        Thank you so much for sharing your pain with me. Who would have thought such a problem would bring us together? Praise God that He uses what we see as our greatest failings to witness of His love, grace and mercy!

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