An Almost Crash on I-5

On our drive home today from watching a live taping of JEOPARDY and a visit to the space shuttle ENDEAVOR–two more wishes checked off our bucket list–we had a close call on the I-5.  Six lanes of traffic was moving bumper-to-bumper at 70+mph.  Richard drove and my smog-laden eyeballs wished to take a little nap.  Suddenly the vehicle directly in front of us stopped dead on the highway.  Richard slammed on the breaks and swerved into a very short break in the line of traffic to our left, while I brace myself for the impact and whispered, “O Lord!  Protect us, O Lord.”  Our breaks squealed; the odor of rubber filled our Volvo.  Wide-eyed we caught our breaths and and gasped.  Our front right bumper had come within an inch or two of scraping the paint off the other car’s rear-end– a tragic climax to a delightful min-vacation.

Shaken we resumed our journey.  We never did figure out why the driver stopped so abruptly.  Nothing and no one was even close to the front of her car.  And I’m not sure she even aware of the tragedy that had been averted.

Too often such close calls occur and I go on with my daily round of activities oblivious to the blessing I’d received.  But not this time.  I had felt, seen, heard, and tasted the residual fear of the event.

Several texts cross my mind as I sit in my safe and comfy office and ponder anew what the Lord can and does do in my life.  Proverbs 3:6NIV “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”  But the lives of good people are lost on the highway everyday. There must be more for me to learn here, I tell myself.  I turn to Psalm 90:12 NIV “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Number our days– I’ve already enjoyed my 3 score and 10, so I must assume that my ‘number’ hasn’t come up yet, that God still has a purpose for continuing my run at this life.  My heart has more wisdom to gain.  And so tonight, I look on the morrow with gratitude and praise for each breath, for each Word of knowledge and for a gently acquired gift of wisdom.

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