I Love How You Love Me

“I love how you love me” is the opening line to a decades old pop tune but the words are as meaningful to me today as it was the first heard it.  Sadly, the name of the artist that performed it has faded from my memory but the sentiment of the lyrics remains.  Richard is the love of my life.  I love the little things he does for me: post-it love notes stuck in my suitcase when I travel; the occasional Hershey bar; taking out the trash each Monday morning; surprising me with bouquets of flowers; keeping the car gassed and running smoothly; holding me at night and thanking me for ‘another fine day we had together’…  I could never doubt his love.

The other day I was counting the ways my Italian Lover demonstrates his faithful love for me, when my thoughts leaped to my Eternal Lover, Jesus Christ.  He said, “I love you with an everlasting love…” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV   Everlasting is a long, long time!

His beautiful sunsets splashed across the sky take my breath away; His bouquets of roses, fields of daisies, and aromatic honeysuckle add beauty to me days.  I hear His love songs in the warble of morning doves. He whisper sweet nothings to me through the rustling leaves of the trees; and I thrill at His touch as He caress me with gentle breezes. I could never doubt His love for me.

I had a very dear relative who, when told,”I love you,” would ask, “Are you sure?” To say this was disconcerting puts it mildly, especially to little children who lead with their hearts.  I know it hurt my heart every time she asked it.  Turning back to my Eternal Lover, after all the ways He says, “I love you,” does it hurt His heart when we doubt His love?


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