To the Keeper of My Flame

Happy Father’s Day to Richard-the Keeper of my Flame.  Musicians warble, ‘You light up my life,’ and mean it or not, but you truly do light up my life.   You keep the furnace and the air-conditioner at comfortable levels.  You turn lights on when you come home and off when you go to bed.  You open the doors to let in fresh air and close them if it gets chilly.  You anticipate cold nights by adding a blanket to the bed or warm nights by taking one off.

Your flame-keeping goes into the realm of the metaphor as well.  You add life, sparkle and vitality to my days;  passion and playfulness to my nights.  What can I say?  You treat me like a queen, whether or not I deserve such tender, loving care.  Your heart was made for loving.

When I shopped for your Father’s Day card, I discovered the flowery tributes were totally inadequate after 50 years of loving, living and laughter.   You are a one in a million dollar man, a keeper as I so often tell others–the keeper of my flame.  Mixing metaphors a bit, Proverbs 5:18 NIV says, “May your fountain be blessed and may you rejoice in the wife [husband] of your youth.”  Today I truly rejoice in you.

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