Abby and Barbie ™

Abby loved her Barbie dolls with a passion.  She could play with her Barbies™ and doll house all day long if Mama would let her.  Her ‘Barbie family’ included at least 2 Barbies, 2 Kens, a Skipper, and an infant Barbie could rock in her wind up rocking chair.  They lived in a big two story house with pink wall-to-wall carpeting; canopy beds with ruffled bedding; plush sofas and chairs, throw pillows, lamps, coffee tables, a TV and carefully crafted TV guide.  And the dining room had faux mahogany furniture with faux china, silver ware, table cloths and tiny candelabras.  Barbie’s wardrobe defied description, thanks to Mama’s skill as a seamstress.  There wasn’t anything the little girl wouldn’t do for her frazzle-haired Barbie family.

As Abby played with her celluloid dolls she imagined they had a life of her own when she wasn’t present.  She tried to catch them by sneaking up on them, but they were too fast for her and always managed to get back into place before she caught them.

But the day came, as it does in every little girl’s life, when Abby’s obsession with Barbie dwindled to disinterest.  As Mama wept in the kitchen, Abby lovingly packed her Barbies, Kens and Skippers in a big cardboard box along with all the clothing, furniture, bedding and kitchen ware.  In black magic marker she wrote on the side of the box, Abby’s Barbies, sealed the box up with duct tape and carried it to the basement.  No matter how much she had loved her dolls, they were no longer enough.  She was eager to find her own real life Ken, fall in love.  She dreamed of wearing the beautiful wedding gown and making her own gurgling babies.  So there, high on a shelf, the box stayed, gathering dust, until it found its way to a garage sale and another little girl’s heart and home.

Sad?  I suppose. Abby thought she loved her dolls with an everlasting love–forever and ever and ever–but time and maturity lessened that love until she had packed them away with her other treasured memories.   I’m so glad God’s love for me doesn’t work that way.   Jeremiah 31:3 says, “I love you with an everlasting love…” My heavenly Father promises never to tire of me; to outgrow His love for me.  He won’t seal me in a box and store me on a shelf in some dark basement, never to be viewed again.  His everlasting love is all-engaging every single day, on into eternity forever and ever.  This is the love He gives to me so I can pass it on to my brothers and sisters.

“Father, teach me to love Your real life Barbies and Kens as You love me.”  Amen.




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