Not-so-great Exercise

Three times a week I swim a quarter of a mile.  Good exercise, right?  You betcha!  However, another exercise I practice all too often is leaping to conclusions without waiting to learn the facts–a not-so-great exercise that often comes back to haunt me.

Recently I heard the story of a would-be jet hi-jacker who, once the plane was air born, rose from his seat, drew a gun and took the flight attendant hostage saying, “Take me to Detroit.” Her reply was, “We’re already going to Detroit, sir.”  “Oh, good!” he said and sat back down in his seat.  I wonder how many times in the next twenty years this hapless hi-jacker stared out from behind iron bars and wished he’d not spoken in such haste?

I love stupid criminal stories, probably because they make me feel smarter or wiser than the other guy.  But, wise or not, I’ve made some really dumb moves in my lifetime.  Some of my more asinine moves have come back to haunt me as well.  The older I get the more of my ‘mistakes’ have returned as vain regrets.  And while often I can’t remove the effect they might have had on others, I can hand them over to the great Eraser.  As a result, through His grace, I can move beyond my haste. Psalm 24:7 NIV says, Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to Your love remember me…”

Gratitude for God’s forgiveness and His grace are great exercises I can practice again and again.  And I can know the exercise is good for my heart and my mind.  I can’t help but wonder “If it were not for the Lord being in my life, where would I be?” Behind bars of my own making?

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