Secret Codes and Scrambled Passwords

As I middle schooler I loved stories about secret club houses,deciphering codes and opening doors with mysterious passwords.  My favorite book was, “Secret of the Cave,” about a boy who would fix neighbors broken appliances and stuff from his hideaway. This was the first example of pay-it-forward.  I tried to imagine how I could form such a club.  But alas, I lived in the city.  There were no caves that I could find.  A few years later the story about the shepherd boy who found the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls hidden in a cave piqued my interest.  I dreamed of becoming an archeologist, along with an interior decorator, astronomer, teacher and Broadway star.  It was great until I discovered I’d need to get dirty, sweaty, grimy, and crawl around in sub-terranian holes in the ground.   I thrilled when I learned about the ‘fish symbol’ used in ancient Rome to identify  one Christian to another.  Even today the fantasy of movies with themes that focus on secret codes, treasure maps and such, pique my interest..  (I’m probably one of the only fans of “The Librarian” series.)

So during my worship this morning, Psalm 100 in the Message paraphrase  appealed to my whimsical nature, “On your feet now, applaud God!  Bring the gift of laughter.”  I can do that, I thought.  I love to laugh. But a few verse later caught my eye. Enter [His presence] with the password: “Thank you!” I  got excited.  The password to enter God’s kingdom is ‘thank you’–really?   The text goes on to say, “Make yourself at home, talking praise.  Thank Him.  Worship Him.”

Over the centuries theologians have made the attainment of Heaven sound so difficult by the need to wear hair shirts, walk through coals of fire, and blow yourself and others up for Allah, when the entrance to God’s Holy Home is thanksgiving and praise.  Throw in ‘loving God with all of your heart, soul and mind; and others as yourself; and you’ve pretty well unraveled the mysteries surrounding serving the Creator of the Universe.  Pretty simple huh?

A little scary, isn’t it?  If we don’t watch out a whole herd of people will unscramble the secret password and rush to enjoy God’s bounty as well.  What kind of a secret would it be then?  Hmm…


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