Hooray! Hallelujah!

It didn’t sound so good–the tiny spots detected on my lungs.  Never smoked; never worked around smokers; never did any of the things believed to bring on lung cancer, but here I was facing the possibility.

Oswald Chambers’ quote popped into my head. “All fret and worry comes from calculating without God.”  I didn’t want to calculate anything without God.  But I couldn’t just ignore the possibility that my 3 score and 10 years might be coming to an end sooner than I anticipated.

So should the news be bad, I decided I would claim the experience as a blessing.  (James 1:2 NIV) I would begin a second blog called “Journey,” designed to encourage fellow ‘sufferers.’  My son-in-law and expert web site designer, began setting up the process for me and  I started scribbling down possible ideas. Being Scottish I believe in waste not; want not.  I had to create something good out of bad.

After my visit to the lung specialist yesterday, I called Mark with the bad news and the good news.  The bad news–he’d wasted time setting up the blog because the good news was I wouldn’t be needing it.  I was OK.

A reprieve–again!  I don’t know how many reprieves I’ve had in my lifetime or how many more still lie ahead. How could I help but rejoice?  Jeremiah 29:11 promises God has a plan for me. (My dad got 61 years; my son 2 days.)  So let me share my joy with my family and friends.  I’m laughing; I’m singing; I’m dancing:I’m lifting holy hands in praise. Hooray!  Hallelujah!  Chalk another one up for God’s side!  With every breath I bless You; my arms wave like banners of praise to You.” Psalm 63:4 Message 

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4 Responses to Hooray! Hallelujah!

  1. Sylvia Warner says:

    I can relate to your recent experience. Unfortunately as we get older, and as the body begins to play mean tricks on us, we think the worse. I’ve struggled with a few health issues lately but overall, I am blessed. I’m so glad that your alarm was nothing of huge concern, I don’t think this world is done reading your messages. Thank you for all you share with us.

    • pepsi7 says:

      I guess with age, the kinks in the armor begin to appear. That’s OK. There are so many good things about growing older that I treasure. Guess I should wwrite about that someday. :-)

  2. Barbara Bolton says:

    SO glad to hear the good news! God is good and He still has miles for you to go before you sleep (or meet Him in person)! Looking forward, too, to reading your latest book. God bless today for you!

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