Swimming in Tears of Gratitude

Giving Christmas gifts is as much fun, if not more, than getting them.  I experienced this the other night.  For weeks I’d planned to give my sister a print of a painting of Jesus’ return that she admired.  It was so much fun.  First I swiped her paperback that had the address of the artist on the cover; then I looked him up on the Internet, and last, I ordered the print to be sent directly to her.  My only concern was that it might not reach her  in time for Christmas.

Las night my brother-in-law called and told us the package had arrived.  Not only did it arrive in plenty of time for Christmas, the gift moved both him and her to tears, which of course, moved me to tears.  You just can’t beat receiving that kind of gratitude–a gift to last the seasons.

This morning as I swam laps I thought that if I had been so moved by Connie’s gratitude, how God must feel upon receiving ours. First, he rejoices as He plans the gifts to give us,  and is pleased with the delivery, but what about the joy He receives from our joyful response to His gifts?  I can only imagine my tearful gratitude moving Him to tears as Connie’s tears did to me?  Zephaniah 3:17 says, “He rejoices over us with singing.” If singing,  why not rejoicing over us with  tears of joy? So pass the Kleenex tissue box, dear Father for I am swimming in tears of gratitude and praise today.

Does my gratitude go beyond “God is great;God is good and I thank Him for my food”?   He gave His beloved Son so I could enjoy salvation.  How much more could He give?  And yet, day after day, He generously pours additional gifts on his self-centered daughter.  “Father God, I am moved to tears when I think of all You’ve done and all You continue to do to bring love, joy, peace and blessings to me.  I thank you through tears of humility and joy today.”  Psalm 118:1 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.”

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