Getting a Round Tuit

I don’t know about you but I often fail to get a ’round tuit’.  This time not getting a ’round tuit’ hurts.  This afternoon I received an e-mail from Harry  the husband of a dear friend, Nancy Van Pelt.  He informed me of her passing last night.  My heart dropped to my feet.  Several times in the last few weeks I’d vowed I would contact her so we could ‘do lunch’ together, but I never got a ’round tuit’.  And now it’s too late tthe saddest two words on this earth.

Nancy, my friend and fellow sufferer in the publishing world, wrote and sold more books over the years second only to EGWhite’s.  Nancy wrote and spoke around the world on ‘complete relationships’, marriages, teens, couples…  When in town she monthly opened her home to a women’s worship group.  I was honored to be invited to speak to the ladies at least once each year.  I will miss you, dear friend.

Already I miss her  laughter, no nonsense wit and gift for irony.  I am so grateful for the eternal promises that her ‘life sentence’ ended on this earth with a comma and not a period.  Nancy, in the Kingdom, after you spend an equitable amount of time with your family, all the couples and youths whose lives you touched  over the years during your sojourn on this earth, let’s ‘do lunch’ al fresco under the Tree of Life.  Shall we invite Harry and Richard to join us or make it a ‘girls only’ picnic? :) “Blessed [Happy] are those who wash their robes that they may have right to the Tree of Life…” Revelation 22:14 NIV 

And so today, I shed a few tears for my friend and for my lost opportunity by not getting a ’round tuit’ sooner.  “Please Lord, forgive me for failing her and You by  being so busy I never quite got a ’round tuit’.”

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