Soggy Bread and God’s Sense of Humor

The wisest man who ever lived wrote, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.” Ecclesiastes 11:1  As a smart mouthed teen I would say, “Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days you will have soggy bread.”

Ten + years ago I ‘cast my bread upon the waters’ by becoming a radio personality on KARM’s The Family Hour with Mrs. Kay.  I never expected to ‘see’ that bread again.  Today, after many days my ‘bread’ returned to me in the form of a young man named John.  John swims laps at the health spa usually in the lane next to my preferred lane.  (I am less faithful–3x a week.) John and I have had a nodding relationship for many months.   Recently John overheard me chatting with a few of my female lap buddies and thought my voice was familiar.  When one of the ladies called me Kay, he made the connection.  A few days later he asked me if I was the Kay Rizzo he listened to every night on KARM.  When I admitted I was, he told me how encouraging my program had been to him as a  mall child.  As a result we greeted each other with a Christian greeting to “How are you doing?”  “I am so blessed.”

God has a remarkable keen sense of humor.   A few years later I retired from doing the program and John outgrew the program format and moved on.  Both of us have gone through some tough times since.  This morning my heart was aching over an overwhelmingly painful situation in my life.  I knew that in my own power I couldn’t go on.  I’m not one to whine to others about my problems.  But I knew I needed to unload to someone outside my biological family and my church family.  I needed a disinterested ear to listen.  I finished my 1/4 mile swim and felt impressed to turn toward John who was also finishing his workout.

I put every obstacle in the Holy Spirit’s pathway.  I told the H.S. I would speak to John if he paused at the end of a lap which I knew he seldom did.  He paused.  I promised that if he greeted me with our usual exchange, then I’d dump on him.  He did.  And last I said I’d speak my heart if he asked something was wrong.  And you know the rest.  He asked.

What a blessing it was for me to realize that the encouragement I had unwittingly given a small hurting boy would come back to bless me and to ease my pain as well.  Casting my bread upon the waters did not return as soggy bread, but a rich bountiful and humbling reward.  Take it from one reluctant witness, cast your bread upon the waters today–big or small–and sooner or later, you will be enriched and blessed for doing so.

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