Family Ties

Over the years I’ve discovered it takes more than melted mozzarella cheese on pasta sauce and bread dough to connect people with one another.   Even bits of artichoke hearts and black olives aren’t enough to bond oneself with a stranger.  So what is the missing ingredient in pizza that holds Sue and Blake, Emily and Marian, Connie and Kurt, Diana and Carl, Ashley,Richard (via phone), Nathan and Tyler together?   Family ties add the missing spice to any pizza pie or a giant pot of chili, and to life.  Throw in a generous helping of laughter and tales of years gone by and you have the makings of a delightful evening of fond memories to warm your heart for years to come.  Republican or democrat/tee shirts or silk tops/blonde, red, brunette or white hair/ religious leanings or opinions–being family unites the good, the bad, the ugly and the silly (that’s me) together forever.  This includes members who are absent for they are still present in our hearts.

I glance around the table at Nathan and Diana’s pizza parlor and revel in my vast wealth of precious moments shared.  The jewels in my memory box are the happy faces I will treasure for years to come.  Proverbs 17:6 says, “Children’s children are a crown for the aged…  (I guess I’m in that category now.) …And parents the pride of their children.”

I realize the only valuables worthy of my time are God and family.  In the end, nothing else matters–not how palatial a house I own, or how fancy a car I drive, or the designer jeans or Gucci bags in my closet.  The thickness of my financial portfolio or my stash of cash under my mattress mean nothing.  All can be lost with the unexpected spark from a match, the whirl of a tornado, or the shake of a quake.

While not everyone has a biological family with whom to laugh and to cry, God supplies for each of us a spiritual family.  The criteria to being a bonafide member of this family has nothing to do with our inherited blood line or marriage bonds. but by the blood of Christ on Calvary. Adoption into this family has nothing to do with  your the thickness of your wallet or waist, your pedigree or social status, your advanced degrees or your accumulation of ‘stuff”.

Jesus said, “Love God with your whole heart, and love one another as I have loved you.”  Simple really. Almost as simple as being born in a great family like mine.


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