50th. Wedding Vows

When a 20 year-old bride vows to love, honor and cherish her groom until ‘death do us part,’ she’s not thinking 50 years down the line–5, maybe 10; or horror of horrors, 20; but 50?  Incomprehensible!

On August 30, 2013, two days before our actual anniversary, Richard and I celebrated our big 50 by renewing our marriage vows in front of our precious family and friends after which we spent a few days at the coast for a second honeymoon.  (Our first was a 5-day drive from NY to CA in our ’57 Chevy along Rt. 66.)

Here are the vows I made to my handsome Italiano groom the second time around:   “Richard, as a bride, I naively promised my love and my life to the man I believed you to be;  No longer that naive 20 year old, I confidently pledge my love and my life to the generous, gentle, and ever-faithful man I know you to be.  50 years of  living, lovinglaughter and tears; through thin times and thick;  during delight and despair; you are still my hero;you’re my Wild Bill Hickock to my Calamity Jane; my Clark Kent to my Lois Lane; my Sir Lancelot to my Lady Guinevere.  And today your armor shines all the brighter.

” You are the light of my life, my bff, my enthusiastic cheerleader, my resident computer geek, the finisher of my food and the keeper of my flame.  So, for the second time in 50 years, I stand before my Creator, family and friends, and pledge my eternal love to you.  Whether walking, caning, or wheeling it, I vow to be by your side as long as God grants me life and breath.”


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