Making Plans

Spent last evening with friends making plans for Richard and my 50th. Anniversary party.  I can’t believe all the effort that goes into one of these events.  I began this blog on August 9 and here I am finishing it on September 4.  The last month flew by in a flurry of shopping trips, invitation addressing parties and list making.  Whether or not I finished my to do list really didn’t matter because ready or not, the night arrived, was enjoyed and passed into history.

Thank you to all our friends who went out of their way to make it a memorable night.  But try as I might, I can’t think of one profound thought about which to write, at least beyond the obvious of time passing.  And here I am on the third day of my 51st. year of marriage to an incredible guy and reflecting.,  Not only hundreds of days have gone by way of time but so have the ebony locks of yesteryear, the firmly toned bodies and vibrant energy of youth.  We’ve celebrated our victories and mourned the loss of 4 parents and three babies.  We’ve won some battles and lost others.  We’ve laughed; we’ve cried.  (Fortunately we’ve spent more time on the laughing side.)

On this day 50 years ago, Richard and I had left our family and friends in NY, stopped in Western PA to visit my Aunt Leta and her family, and were wending our way in our ’57 Chevy over Route 66 toward California.  Neither of us could have imagined that 50 years later I’d be sitting in my office in Central California  trying to write something profound about times past.  Perhaps I should take the advice of the wise old prophet Isaiah who wrote in Isaiah 43:18,19 NIV, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past… I’m doing a new thing.”

Perhaps I’ve spent enough hours reliving the past; perhaps it’s time to explore the possibilities of Richard and my next 50 years together–great expectations!  And in the process, perhaps it is time to try new things, to make new plans.  Maybe I’ll head for the coast today and run along the sand with the sea gulls and sand pipers.

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