Bless the Torpedoes!

A favorite contemporary Christian hymn of mine was written by Laurie Story.  It is called, “Blessings.”  Instead of looking at  troubles as curses she sees them as blessing in disguise.  James 1:2 NIV agrees. “Consider it joy when you face trials…”

Surely seaman Roy Dickers would not have bought into such a mind-set when during World War II he was sealed in a compartment onboard his tanker when a German torpedo hit the ship.  He was freed by a second torpedo explosion.  Racing onto the deck he discovered the sea around him was ablaze with oil fires.  He didn’t have time to decide whether to abandon or go down with the ship as a third torpedo blew him far from the scene, beyond the oil slick.  He landed near a floating raft.  He crawled aboard and was picked up by a Norwegian freighter three days later.  At each stage in his drama, Roy must have thought things surely couldn’t get worse.  At each step Roy must have wondered what the purpose was to his bizarre turn of events.  (from Uncle Johns Gigantic Bathroom Reader–page 148)  I can’t wait to hear how God directed in the rest of Roy’s life.

Imagine having all of eternity to regale one another with the strange twists and turns taken in each other’s journey to the Kingdom.  Talk about stories to tell!  I am certain that if we could see the end from the beginning as God does, we would rejoice in the love He shows us every moment of every day of our lives.

When troubles come, Lord, help me to trust in Your reality, not mine.

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  1. Oh and not only to see how the events of our own lives worked out step by step for the best ending, but how all of our lives intertwined in our Father’s intricately woven plan! What a thought!

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