Home is Where the Heart Is

Washington, D.C. holds a special place in the heart of every American.  What a thrill it was to tour the Library of Congress and know it houses every one of the incidental books I’ve published along side such ‘heavies’ as one of the three existing Gutenberg Bibles and a copy of the original Magna Carta.  Wow!  I actually got teary.  Touring the Senate side of Congress was thrilling as well.  Irregardless of my politics, I could not help but ‘feel the power’ oozing from behind the closed office doors as I walked the long, marbled halls and gaze on the immense statuary depicting heroes of bygone eras.

Driving by the White house, the Supreme Court Building, the National Archives, there’s so much in D.C. to see and experience in my capitol, my town.  Throw in a tour of Mt. Vernon–G. Washington’s home–a place that could be called my ‘ancestral home;’  (I’m related to the first president through his mother and his brother’s progeny.)  I was restless, an alien, a stranger.  Red cords and posted signs restricted me from going where I might want to go and doing what I might want to do or see.  It wasn’t home to me.   I recalled a few old hymns– “This world is not my home…”; “The way is long and weary…”; “I’m but a stranger here, heaven is my home.”

The next day when the wheels of my plane touched the concrete runway in  California my heart skipped a beat.  I sighed with pleasure and relief.  I was home!  To be home again–to sleep in our own not-so-little bed and curl up in front of our not-so-little TV and forage in our not-so-little fridge, what a delight.  However, as comfy as our Central Valley cottage is, ultimately I’m still restless for ‘Home is where the heart is’ and my heart is light-years north of here to a City with walls not made of marble and plaster but of jasper, sapphire and emeralds.  When my feet alight on Heaven’s street of gold, then and only then will I be truly home.  (See Revelation 21 and 22)  Then and only then will I shout, “Home at last; home at last; thank God I’m home at last.”

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