Road Trip

Every few months I get itchy to take a road trip.  I love road trips!  Richard and my honeymoon was a road trip fromNew York to California.  Ah, what fond memories and what a way to learn about your newly acquired mate alone in a car for more than a week.  Does he prefer to sleep in a cold room with the window open?  Does he ‘hog’ the blankets?  Does he prefer eggs fried hard or over easy?  Can he refold a map correctly?

For the next few weeks I’m taking a road trip using a detailed map I found in Psalm 139.  Come along with me for a self-discovery road trip that will blow our minds.  (It certainly has mine.) I’ll be using my Message paraphrase BIBLE  Our purpose is to memorize the route as we travel the journey.

God, investigate my life; get all the facts first hand.  Watching the televised trial of George Zimmerman opened my eyes to the importance of knowing the facts first hand.  Do I know if he’s lying or if Travon’s girl friend is not telling the truth?  No.  The only human alive who knows the facts of the case is Mr. Zimmerman.  The facts revealed by the forensic evidence can piece together only so many facts of the fateful event.   But God knows–first hand, a fact Mr. Zimmerman will live with the rest of his life.

Asking God to investigate one’s life is a scary road trip to take.  There are things I’ve said or done that I wouldn’t want anyone to reveal, especially to the Creator of the universe.  But once forgiven and His grace is bestowed, all that littler by the side of my roadway is collected and dumped into the bottom of the deepest part of the sea.  And even if I remember (and occasionally regret) my earlier actions, God has actually did something I can’t seem to do.  He’s forgotten.  When He examines my life, He gets the facts straight, not my life filtered through personal guilt and bygone accusations.

Be of good courage.  Hop in your aging ‘vehicle’–yes, we’re all aging vehicles. Rev up your engine.  Shout your joy out your open window for all the world to hear and hit the open road.  “God, investigate my life, get all the facts first hand.”  

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