July Fourth Fireworks

What a splendid display of fireworks at the ‘Capitol Fourth’ last night.  Watching them on TV in the comfort of my living room is my idea of enjoyment.  My hubby missed seeing them live.  Not me.  I don’t like the loud explosions.   They remind me of the WWII movies I watched in my high school American History class.  (When I hear the word Germany, I still see the entire country only in black and white.)

Thousands crowded into the mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol building to enjoy the music and watch the firework display.  The music was great.  Who doesn’t thrill when Neal Diamond sings, “Coming to America?”  But the light show timed to the “1812 Overture”–wow!

I am amazed how a thousand points of light light scatter the darkness.  Just curious, if light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, what is the speed of darkness?  The song, “This Little Light of Mine” took on an eternal meaning for me when as a child and I visited Howe’s Caverns in upstate NY.  When our tour guide turned out the lights, I discovered how dark darkness really is when all light is removed.  Then when he lit one match, I was almost blinded by the sudden presence of that tiny spark of light.

Christian writer and speaker, Patsy Clairmont, illustrates the concept of human beings’ state of sin as  being cracked pots stored in a dark place–the world.  But when I invite Jesus (“I am the light of the world…”)  into my life, His light shines through all those cracks, imperfections and chips to lighten the world around me.  Then instead of being broken pottery worthy of destruction, Jesus calls me out of darkness into His beautiful light.  See. 1 Peter 2:9 NIV.

I may not produce a spectacular light show for the world to see, but I can be a ‘sparkler’ in my neighborhood.  This little light of mine can outshine and defeat any darkness with Him living in me.  And with His light living in me, I will never fizzle out!

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