A Thought about Porcupines

Introducing the lesson on the wisdom of King Solomon to her first grade class, the teacher asked, “Who can tell me what was so great about King Solomon?”

The lesson was lost when a dark-haired gal waved her hand excitedly in the air and said, “I know, teacher.  I know!  King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 porcupines.”

“Really teacher?  King Solomon had 300 porcupines?” One child asked.  Another followed with, “Why did he collect porcupines?”  And a third volunteered, “My dog, Butch, once got porcupine quills in his face.  Poor Butch yelped when Daddy pulled them out with pliers.”

The flustered teacher wisely chose to save her lesson on the wisdom of King Solomon to a scientific discussion to why porcupine quills can be difficult to remove from a dog’s snout.

As wise as old Solomon was said to be, he lost the beauty of his youthful devotion by allowing his 700 wives and 300 ‘porcupines’ to lure him away from worshipping the one true God.  Hmm, I wonder how many ‘porcupines’ it takes to lure me from worshipping my God each morning?  Ps. 29:2 KJV advises, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”   Just a thought about ‘porcupines.’


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