Tales of Two Dads

The story is told about a father who set his 3 yr. old son on a marble mantle above the fire place and told the child to jump in daddy’s arms.  Eagerly the little boy leaped, only to have the father step back at the last second and let him crash to the floor.  Weeping, the injured child looked up at his dad and asked why he let him fall.  The father, his face stern, replied, “You just learned an important lesson.  Don’t trust anyone, even your dad!”

The second father graces the cover of my  friend Michael Leno’s book, EXTREME GRACE.  On the white background a smiling father is tossing his laughing 2 or 3 year old son high into the air.  My first reaction to the photo was a grandma’s response, “Not so high!” But on further study I see how the photo relates to the book’s title as a metaphor of grace.  The expression on the father’s face expresses his enjoyment in the child’s happiness and his unswerving focus on the little body soaring above his head.  The child’s expression is one of delight and joy.

That’s what grace is all about–exhileration in the exchange with myHeavenly Father and total trust that He will ‘catch me” irregardless of how terrifyingly high I may soar or a total abandonment of fear, regardless of my circumstance.  That’s what living in the Father’s grace is all about.  God is a Daddy to be trusted.

No fear!  I can almost see the little boy squealing, “Higher, Daddy!  Higher!”  I wonder if I trust God’s grace to ‘catch me.’ When I find myself in a frightening situation, do I ask for more or do I fall back on my ‘grandma’ fears?  One of my favorite verses is found in Romans 8:15 Message .  “The resurrected life you receive from God is not a timid, grave-tending life.  It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a child-like, ‘What’s next, Papa?'”

Lord, give me the grace to totally live the freeing resurrected life You offer.  Help me to cry, “What’s next Papa?” because I am totally confident Your grace will always catch me.

Have any great ‘daddy’ stories you’d like to share?  I’d love to read them.  (k)

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