Sing Baby Sing!

I am constantly searching for new and exciting ways to say, “I love you.”  Florists advise me to ‘say it with flowers.’  Hershey says’ I love you’ with chocolate kisses.’ Halmark recommends sappy poems.   TV ads, especially at Christmas, suggest I say, ‘I love you’ with a luxury car topped with a big red bow.  A shower of rose petals on his bed pillow or a chilled bottle of his favorite Martinelli’s apple cider still does the trick even after 40+ years.  It still says, “I love you,” to my hubby.

I still treasure the “I love you,”  he whispers when he kisses me goodbye and the excited greeting he gives when he returns.  We”ve accumulated several love songs over the years:  I Love How You Love Me; Have I Told You Lately that I Love you;  You Needed Me; My Little Corner of the World; and I’ll Always Love You, to name a few.  I wish I could write the ultimate love song for him, one that expresses all the gratitude, wonder and awe I treasure in my heart.  But alas I’m not a lyricist or a composer.   Sometimes I watch him sleep and I am overwhelmed with love.  Words fail me, (and I’m seldom at a loss for words.)  So until the muses ignite my creativity in that direction, the old, sweet love songs will have to do.

The same is true when I search for new ways to tell my Heavenly Lover how much I love Him.  Words fail me.  As gospel writer, Andre’ Crouch wrote, “How can I say thanks for the things You have done for me…”  I am overwhelmed with love.  I wish I could write the ultimate love song to Him.   But then I realize, just as my declarations of love to Richard are ever new, whether said with flowers, candy, crazy greeting cards or love songs because they come from me.  They are uniquely mine.  No one can sing my love song to God as I can.  Psalm 63:5 NIV says, “…with singing lips my mouth will praise you.” Each of us has a uniquely personal love song to sing to our Creator, one no one else can emulate or imitate.   This morning as I sang my little song, “Oh, how I love Jesus..”  I could almost hear a Voice from the heavens applaud and shout, “Sing, Baby, Sing.”

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