Reality Check

Sorry for the delay between blogs.  During the last week or so I’ve come face to face with reality.  My reality check is, sooner or later, I am going to die.  I spent two days (felt like 10) in the hospital being stabbed, drained, poked, prodded, tested by CATS and PETS, infused with IV’s and needles, examined by physicians, PA’s, nurses, phlebotomists, along with various and sundry other hospital personnel only to discover that one day I am going to die–not on this day, but one day.   By the the time I was released no one knew what had caused my unexplained weakness, including me.   I can only imagine how many thousands of dollars Medicare and our secondary insurance will have to pay for the lack of a diagnosis.

As a prisoner of a rock-hard mattress in a sterile room, I did what any intelligent Christian would do. First  I begged to go home.  Then I prayed God would heal me or show the experts what was wrong with me.  There were no thunderclaps; no bolts of electricity (other than the ultrasound tests).  Yet I know God healed me, at least enough to go home.

The Creator has 4 distinct paths from which to choose for what we call ‘Divine healing’.   1.  natural (time)–I scrape my knee; a scab forms over the cut–that’s a Divine gift of healing built into the human body.  2.  the gift of healing given to doctors, nurses, researchers, etc.  to ease my pain.  3. Instantaneous healing–this is the one for which we all pray.  Zap!  I’m well.  (My favorite, in fact.)

I’ve experienced all three of God’s Divine healings, but not number 4.  Four is not one I like to consider.  Not only is Satan responsible for death, but he tries to make us dread it as well.  But my Jesus has conquered death. (Read Revelation 22)  For God’s faithful child, death is as much a Divine healing as the aforementioned three.  Psalm 116:15 NIV says, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”  Rest from all pain is a definite healing.  (Consider Acts 13:36; Matthew 25:21; Matthew 11:28.)  Being in the hospital last week brought me face to face with the reality that one day, the healing God will choose for me is number four.  And that’s OK.

Today my chosen reality is ‘Your will, Lord, not mine; Your way not mine.’  Every day I’m feeling stronger and though earthly doctors have not determined the cause of my problem, my heavenly Physician knows which of the four Divine Healings to use on me and when.   In the meantime, my reality check includes stories to write, sermons to present and people to love in His Holy Name.

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