Endorphin High; Adrenalin Rush

Some seek endorphin ‘feel good’ highs through savoring comfort foods like mashed potatoes and gravy or hot fudge sundaes.  Some get their adrenalin rush zip-lining, hang-gliding or para-sailing–living life to the extreme.  Yesterday I got both from the same activity–shopping for shoes!  I went shopping for shoes–yeah!!!  For many women, buying new shoes has to be one of life’s more pleasurable indulgences.  Just by entering my favorite shoe store the racks  upon racks of shoe of every shape, color and fitting every wardrobe brings on a surge of adrenalin and and giant wave of endorphins.    I admit I’ve reached the age where comfort trumps style, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?  Well, it does.   I bought 7 pairs before I left the store  Yes, I said 7 pairs!  A little over the top?  Yes.  And only my limited cash-on-hand kept me from purchasing more.

Self-indulgent? A spend-thrift? Before hearing the rest of the story, I would agree with you.  ‘Sleep Train’, a chain of mattress stores here in California’s Central Valley collects new shoes for local foster children.  As the TV add goes, “Not everyone can become a foster parent, but everyone can help a foster child.”  Because I, as a child, often wore shoes that were too tight or needing repair-and never did own a pair of flashy, impractical shoes–this cause touched  my heart, hence 7 pair.

But there’s more.  Not only did I get a serious endorphin high and an outrageous charge of adrenalin, but so did the clerk who helped me scour the shelves of Target for bargains thus allowing me to buy more for the buck.  My husband, who helped me deliver them to the store got a personal charge and the clerk to whom we spoke as well as my ‘exercise’ friends with whom I shared my adventure, and now, you.   Ask anyone who looks for ways to commit random acts of kindness and they will eagerly tell you about the ‘highs’ they receive for doing something nice for someone else.  And that’s how the gift of love goes far beyond the initial act.

Romans 10:15 NIV says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” My 7 pair of shoes delivered love and comfort to 7 children who I will never meet on this earth, at least.  In the meantime I’ll settle for the adrenalin high and the joy I received from the surge of endorphins coursing through my brain.  And you know what?  Next month I’ll do it all again.  I don’t tell you this to brag on my ‘good deeds’ but to share a simpler and safer way than hang-gliding and eating hot fudge sundaes to charge up your day and add to the abundant life God has for you.  Shoe shopping might not be your ‘thing’, but open your eyes to the needs of the world around you and you will find your particular style of endorphin and adrenalin surges.

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2 Responses to Endorphin High; Adrenalin Rush

  1. I love it! You surely left a smile on my face!

    We know all-too-well the struggle to keep decent shoes on the feet of ourselves and our children, but I am always so thankful that we even have shoes. What a neat way to bless the children!

    God bless you, Mrs. Rizzo. (I’m so glad Mr. Rizzo told me about your blog — I will look forward to reading more!)

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