A Day of Ordinary Miracles

Today is my sister Connie’s birthday as well as her wedding anniversary which makes it a day of extraordinary miracles and a barrage of blessings.  Among those blessings  are my nephew Ron and his family; my niece Sue and her family including a slew of grand kids and great grandkids…  Truly an ode to extraordinary blessings and outrageous miracles to be celebrated–a reason for her family to sing praises to the King today.

But she’s in Arkansas while I’m in California.  My day is shaping up to one of those ho-hum average, ordinary days when taxes are due, a stack of bills to be paid, floors to be scrubbed, a garden to weed, windows to wash, a bunch of  tasks that bring a sigh to my lips.  Where are my miracles today?

As a former asthmatic, every time I inhale I experience an ordinary day miracle.  Considering all the falls I’ve taken, every time I rise off the sofa, I am a moving miracle.  That my diabetes hasn’t progressed to the loss of a limb or my eyesight, I celebrate an every day kind of miracle.  When I run my hand across the pacemaker on the left side of my chest, I laugh and rejoice at the extension of life the contraption has afforded me.  I hug my grandsons, kiss my daughters and sons-in-laws, and adore the husband of my youth.  All simple every day miracles that are not so simple and not so ordinary when the alternatives are considered.

I’ve been given another day of miracles, ordinary miracles, but I must open my eyes to recognize the blessings around me.  Psalm 103:2 NIV “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not His benefits ,who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases…who satisfies your desire with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”  And on this ordinary day I wish the same for you.

May your day be filled with every day miracles, whether sun, showers, or snow.  Remember “Everything is Beautiful in its Own Way.”  May your eyes be open to the beauty found in each circumstance of your life.   May your mind be alert to the Holy Spirit as He speaks to you through both pain and pleasure.  May your heart be in tune with the songs of the seasons of your life.  And may your feet dance with delight, joy and abandon to the promises of tomorrow.

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