Pure Speculation

What’s in a name?  Dr. Mudd would say, “A whole lot.”  In the 150+ years since the good doctor set John Wilkes Booth’s leg following the actor’s assassination of President Lincoln, the name ‘Mudd’ has been besmirched.  The same happened to the the Nazi collaborator Quisling.  Judas hasn’t fared well over the years either.   What about current politicians who betray their constituents by committing acts of greed, deception and immorality?  If they repent before their death, will their names be found in the Lamb’s book of life? (See Rev. 20:15 KJV)

When we go home to Jesus we will be given a ‘new name’ written on a white stone–Jesus, the Cornerstone.  (See Rev. 2:17)  Couple this with Matthew 17:3 which says in eternity we will be ‘known as we are known’ on earth.

So here’s my speculative thought for the day:  How do others see you?  Through God’s transforming power will the greedy and conniving be called Generosity?    If my nature is one of depression and despondency, will my eternal moniker be Joy?  Does a hateful heart of resentment  become Grace?  Will a worrier become known as Faith in His kingdom?  Will a doomsday prophet be called Hope? If I curse and criticize will Jesus transform me into a Blessing?  If lies come more easily to my lips than truth, will I be called Honesty?  The one who is harsh, cutting and cruel might become a Mercy. And the self-loathing be called “Beautiful Princess?”

Whether or not scripture can be interpreted this way, I do not know, but I love the thought that the sins I hate the most about me will be transformed through victory in Christ, into the new creature I will become.

They say babies grow into their names. They develop the characteristics of a Bubba, an Amy or a Mercedes. As a child I always wished I’d been named Judy or Margie, or Elizabeth, but alas I was just plain Kay.  Can this be an eternal pattern as well?  Am I growing into my heavenly personhood?

If so, think of the opposite trait to your most pesky sin, the one you bring to God on a regular basis, the person you wish you were, could that be your ‘new name written down in glory?’  Not a sobriquet or a nom de plum but your real name for all eternity.  Just a quirky thought and pure speculation. Something worth considering, though.


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