Happy PI Day!

‘Happy PI day to you, happy PI day to you…’ so goes the birthday song.  Here’s to your ‘geek moment’ today.  As you know pi or 3.14 is a mathematical constant irrational number for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  In other words it keeps going and going and going. With the help of computers math geeks have followed the 3.14 number out 10,000,000 digits and still didn’t reach the end.  Interestingly 3.14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

People have unusual ways of celebrating PI day.  At the San Francisco Exploratorium math geeks march around the PI shrine 3.14 times singing Happy Birthday.  Cal Tech holds a pie eating contest.  Microsoft gives 3.14% off Dell tablets on PI Day.  Lest you think all the math crazies are in California, in Milwaukee, WI math geeks bike 3.14 miles around the city.  In Chicago a restaurant offers free slices of pizzzas at 3;14 p.m. But the ultimate moment of geek goes to the University of New Mexico co-ed who solves a Rubics cube while hula hooping and reciting the PI numbers–450 of them.

Trivia?  Yes, but profound in its own way.  To me, God is similar to the 3.14 number.  With PI there is no end; with God there is no end to what you can learn about Him.  Whether it be a study of the human eye or outer space, as soon as you think you reach the end, that there is nothing more to learn, He reveals a new facet of His creation and ultimately of His character.  Romans 9:27-29  Message para. says, ‘If each grain of sand on the seashore be numbered and the sum labeled chose of God.  They’d be numbers, not names.  God doesn’t count us; He calls us by name.  Arithmetic is not His focus.’  We are not merely a string of numbers but God’s living children.  So Happy PI Day.  Math geek or not, it is a day to celebrate God’s loving eye for detail, right down to and including me!!!

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