Hey Neighbor!

When Jesus asked, “Who is your neighbor,”  no one ever imagined the answer to His question would take them into outer space.  Scientists have discovered 4.5 billion earth-like planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.  Our closest neighbor is a mere 13 light-years away, a simple jaunt for science-fiction’s “Star Trek.”  Think of the Milky Way Galaxy as a tiny cul-de-sac in the suburbs of outer space’s vast “city” of galaxies.  And earth as a child’s tree house in the backyard of one of those houses.

Space.com says the Kepler Space telescope has discovered that roughly 6% of ‘red dwarfs’ in our galaxy have Earth-like planets where life could exist–an estimated 4.5 billion are habitable.  The closest ‘red dwarf’ star to earth is Proxima Centauri.  The nearest planet able to sustain life in Proxima Centauri is so “close” NASA scientists are working to develop something resembling  “Star Trek’s warp drive” which they hope will make it for our babies and grand babies to live long enough to see these new Earths with their own eyes.   That’s one Earth in 4.5 billion!  Wow!  The mere concept blows my mind.

It’s been said our Earth is the only planet that chose to sin.  How much Jesus loved us to willingly come to save a bunch of stubborn,greedy, arrogant, sin-filled beings living on the one insignificant blotch of His perfect environment.  He’ rather die than live forever in Paradise without us.  Why Lord, why? King David asked that question in Psalm 8:3, 4. KJV.  “When I consider thy heavens, the works of thy fingers, the moon, and the stars, which thou has ordained, who is man [woman] that you are mindful of him [her]?”

God’s love is astronomical!  As a myriad of beings gather from the far reaches of the universe to worship their Creator this weekend, let us sing along with our ‘neighbors’ the praises of Psalm 148 KJV.

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