Just Words: No Biggie

Did you ever think of something you said that you instantly knew was of line.  So what? “They’re just words; no biggie?” Really?  As a start, President Clinton tried to redefine the word “it;”  Mitt Romney  lost the presidential election due to his 47% comment.  Regardless of your political slant votes were lost on the 2012 elections due to verbal missteps.  James 1;26 KJV  says, “If any man among you seems to be religious and bridles not his tongue, this man’s religion is in vain.”

My younger daughter Kelli, as a teen, she overheard the youth pastor at our church swear and call his wife a “witch with a b.”  All the good he was doing for her and her friends was forever damaged in her eyes.  Harsh?  Yes, but in her youthful eyes, he’d fallen from grace.

I wonder how many people I’ve injured spouting hasty words.  I know I can be forgiven, but I deceive myself when I tell myself and others I am right with God but do not bridle my tongue.  This morning a pithy quote by Richard Martin Brent touched my soul. “Our thoughts become words, our words become actions, our actions become habits, our habits become character, our Character becomes our destiny.”  So it’s never just words.

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