Daily Mantra

The definition of the word mantra is a chorus, hymn or chant.  David’s Psalms are filled with mantras or repeated phrases, like “His love never fails,” and “Give glory to God,” to name two.  I can get a song or the chorus of a song in my head and sing it over and over throughout the day.  As a more disciplined person, this drives my poor hubby crazy.

Being an all or nothing person, I’ve adopted a daily mantra or chorus.  Thy will not my will; Thy way not mine.  Do I mean it when I claim I’ve turned my life over to Him?  If I do, my choice is simple.  I can either hold my Father at arm’s length and cower at the base of Mt. Sinai before an angry God, or I can run “boldly to the throne of grace” and be engulfed in my Father’s waiting arms.  I can fret and worry myself into a frenzy over the situations life throws at me or I can dump my troubles into my Father’s willing hands.

Thy will, not my will says I willingly relinquish my schemes and plans, knowing God will do what’s best for me.  The very real problems of life are included: where to live, my health issues, what to eat, how to manage my time, dealing with difficult people and political issues. This mantra extends to my next writing project.  At any one time I have dozens of book ideas swirling in my head.  I’m a scatter-brain.  If I didn’t turn my choices over to Him–several times a day, if necessary– I wouldn’t get anything done.  This gives my creative brain a rest which allows me to adopt the Auzzie mantra, “No worries, mate.”

Thy way, not mine follows Thy will not mine.  After I turn everything over to God, I can let Him solve my problems His way and in His time.  I confess this is more difficult.  Too often I try to snatch the situation out of His hands.  For example: For the last six years I’ve been researching and writing an inspirational book about God’s relationship with women.  Were we the final, crowning glory of Creation Week or mere afterthoughts, an addendum to meet man’s biological needs?

The manuscript received mixed reviews from the editors.  My first thought was to argue  as to why my premise was theologically correct and the book should published.  My second thought came from another Source–the Holy Spirit.  He reminded me, “I commissioned you to write the book.  You obeyed.  That is all I asked you to do.  If only one person is drawn closer to Me because of what you wrote, you have fulfilled My commission to you.  If eight, you’ve moved up to Noah’s league.  Stop worrying.  Leave everything to Me.”

It’s not easy being a stubborn, willful child of God.  I’d rather charge into battle.  Every moment of every day, I must recite my mantra, Thy will not my will; Thy way not mine–not to remind God, but to remind me.  (I’m a slow learner.) This weekend, while I wait for the verdict of a faceless committee, I must reread Proverbs 3:6 KJV.  “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

One situation! But another will follow and another while my choice must remain the same.  Only I can determine what mantra will direct me each day.  Only I can decide what chorus I will sing to my Father.


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