Grains of sand

I revisited an e-mail I received from my friend Bonnie showing grains of sand magnified* several times.  Incredible.  If you think your finger prints, your eyeball pattern and your tongue print are unique to you, they are minimal compared to the numberless variations God has in the simple sands of the sea.   These photos leave me speechless every time I view them and lead me to read again Romans 9: 27 Message paraphrase “If each grain of sand on the seashores were numbered and the sum labeled, ‘chosen of God’, they’d be numbers still, not names; salvation comes from personal selection.  God does not count us; He calls us by name.  Arithmetic is not His focus.”  

The more science reveals to me about God’s mystical creation the more incomprehensible I find His love to be.   More precious to Abba Father than all the incredible beauty found on a sandy beach, or stars twinkling in the night sky, or any other evidence in creation are the precious lives of each one of us.   We are more than numbers on a heavenly ledger.  We are God’s eternal focus…

*View this breathtaking display on  Guaranteed to leave you speechless too.


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