Coming Apart…

PreChristmas rush is the perfect time to “come apart.”  You know what I mean, life swirl around you life a tornado.  Everywhere you look, you see more things you should do. Too many responsibilities are kind of like that tiny pink string dangling from your skirt. You know if you pull it the entire hem will unravel, come apart.  Jesus knew what to do when the crowds became too demanding, his enemies surrounding you like a pack of hungry wolves, and the frustrations of 1st. Century life threaten to overwhelm you.  He took His own advice, “Come apart and rest a while.”  Mark 6:31 KJV

Believe it or not, the world will continue to spin even when you don’t organize your sock drawer before Christmas or that last batch of cookies stay unmade.  It’s called determining one’s priorities, focusing on the important issues instead of life’s inconsequential stuff.  So, “come apart” and rest a while before you “come apart.”  Good advice from the King of Kings, don’t you think?

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