Lettuce Salads and Such

Every chef worth his or her “salt” or “oregano” knows that to make a great green salad you must begin with fresh lettuce.  When I go to the grocery store I inspect the lettuce leaves to be certain they are crispy fresh.  This week I learned that the “let us” found in the book of Hebrews is as fresh today as when it was written before the 70 A.D. fall of Jerusalem.  Just as I can choose from ice-burg, red leaf, butter, Romain and other varieties for my green salads, I found at least 9 different “let us” highlighted by the mystery author of this short New Testament book.  You will find most of these references in Hebrews 4, 10 and 11.  So if you’re into fresh salads that physically and spiritually nourish you, check them out.  Let me know if I miscounted.

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