Keeper of the Flame

My “keeper of the flame” returned home last night. Richard spent a few days visiting his sister in Florida and now he’s home once again.  While he calls me “a constant source of joy and amusement” (not sure if this is a compliment or not)  I call him my “keeper of the flame.”

At twilight in old London a lamp lighter would ignite the gas lights of the city streets, at dawn he’d return to extinguish them.  I can almost guarantee that within the first hour of returning home Richard will adjust the lights and/or the temperature in our house. He can’t help it; it’s a generationally compulsion.  (With the cost of electricity it’s a good one.)  Richard also keeps my personal flame burning as well.  I can be tired from a long day at the computer, have a sinus headache, been feeling lonely and blue, and the minute I see his happy smiling face, my mood changes.  Debbie Boone’s one hit wonder, “You Light Up My Life,” was true for me then and is true today.  Honey, you really do light up my life.  You are my personal ‘keeper of the flame.’

While Richard lights my little world, I know my ‘keeper of the flame’ gets his power to fill my days with light and joy from the one constant source–Jesus Christ.  “I am the light of the world.”  John 8:12 NIV.  If you have a ‘keeper of the flame’ in your life, brighten his/hers with a thank you today.   And don’t forget to give a thank you to your Savior for the light He brings to your life.

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