Male War Brides

While I was autographing my books at a Christian book store one Sunday morning, a man approached the table at which I was working and announced, waving his bony finger directly in my face, “Do you know there’ll be no women in heaven?”

I gulped and blinked. “Really?  And how to do you know that?”

“It says in Revelation that only men who have never been with women will be saved.  Therefore there will be no women in heaven!”  He leaned back on his heels and folded his self-satisfied arms across his chest.

I laughed.  This was a new thought to be sure.  “Then I guess we ladies can be little she-devils while on this earth.”

Now it was his turn to be surprised.  “Of course not!  It’s important to live a good life!”

“Why? We might as well have fun while we’re here since we have nothing to lose.”  Before he could reply, I added, “Tell me, since Jesus will one day marry his redeemed bride, does that make all you ‘saved’ men male war brides?”

This audacious remark was too much for him.  Tightening his lips in a potato chip thin line, throwing back his head in disgust, he departed the building.  Today I’d like to give the guy a shout-out,  “Thank you! You started me on a journey that has revolutionized my life.”

I began my search with John 3:16 KJV.  “For God so loved the WORLD…”  World?  He didn’t say ‘men.’  “For God so loved men…” I’m a part of the world so that must include me!  “…He gave His only Son that WHOSOEVER may not perish but have everlasting life.” That includes me!  I may not be a whosoever male but I am a whosoever.  It says the conditional promise of eternal life is mine, regardless of my gender, if I believe in Him.

I have days when I wonder why in the world God puts up with me.  Why does He bother with the likes of me?  And then I recall, Jesus said, “For God so loved [Kay], that [Kay], who truly believes in Him, has chosen to inherit life eternal, not through her goodness nor her deeds, but through Jesus Christ’s loving sacrifice.  Nothing and no one, regardless of my gender, can ever take that promise from me unless I let them.   So I’ll hang onto my crown for dear life both in this world and the glorious one to come.


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4 Responses to Male War Brides

  1. Mrs. Rizzo,
    I can’t believe the thought of exchanging blogs with my old English teacher. I must I ad still a bit intimidated. Here is the last post from our office blog.

    Give Mr. Rizzo my best,


  2. Ruth Redding Brand says:

    Love that you were so quick with humorous but intelligent responses! I’d like to think I’d have thought of some appropriate rejoinder, but I’m afraid I’d have launched into an explanation of the symbolism in Revelation! No one would have won…

    Blessings on your writing, Kay. God is usng you.

    Love, Ruth

    • pepsi7 says:

      Thanks Ruth. Most of the time I would think of quick retorts hours later. :-) But I think this one was heaven-directeds.

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